The Geraldton Sunshine festival is one of the oldest events in Australia


For over fifty years the Sunshine Festival has provided business exposure, product promotion, cultural and family entertainment to celebrate Geraldton and the vibrant Midwest.

It is an event that engages an extremely broad cross section of those who live within the region and at the same time provides a most attractive destination for visitors, and serves as a promotional platform for business partners and our regional profile.

The Sunshine Festival was established by a group of far sighted business people in 1958. There was a twofold purpose – to celebrate the then Town through an opportunity for community engagement and expression, and to provide a compelling reason for visitors to make this local celebration their spring holiday destination.

Over the years the Sunshine Festival has seen a great deal of change, and mixed fortunes. The City of Geraldton and the Midwest region is now a major growth centre, with an abundance and wide variety of economic and social opportunities. In addition to long established industries the region is seeing great strides in mining activity as well as becoming a leading producer of renewable energy.

Our focus is no longer just a country town, but a growing economic region, a centre of world significance. Our major trading partners realise the value of community festivals, especially those with a tradition and a history. Most cities throughout all of Asia and indeed Europe have significant regional and community festivals that engage and celebrate something specific to them and their region.

There is definitely good reason for us all to ‘Celebrate Geraldton’.

We want to see growth in the Sunshine Festival that keeps pace with the region that surrounds us, with more input from business and a wider scope of associated activities – it can only get better.

We invite you to join us, to become part of what we aim to re-establish as one of the premiere events in Australia, taking Geraldton and the Midwest region to Australia and the world.

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Sunshine Festival contact details
Festival Coordinator  Sunshine Festival Committee
Office Phone  9965 2555

Office - Ground Floor, Bill Sewell Complex, Chapman Rd, Geraldton WA