Sponsorship Opportunities



All community events have overheads and running costs and the Sunshine Festival is no different. 


There are many sponsors, particularly local small business owners who live in, and benefit from, our vibrant community.

People in business know that their success depends on operating in a thriving and happy community. In 1958, the business people of the day, developed the Sunshine Festival as a way of promoting their business by celebrating Geraldton with the community and by doing so, attracting visitors from afar…

Once again, astute businesses and organisations seized the opportunity offered by the Sunshine Festival and this resulted in renewed energy and vibrancy in the Sunshine Festival program that was of benefit to the whole community. These people also grew their business by putting their name on various events, in the lead up to the festival and in 30,000 copies of the printed program distributed throughout the Midwest region.

2018 Sponsorship Prospectus