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The Opportunity


The Geraldton Greenough Sunshine Festival is seeking partners and event sponsors to help us promote Geraldton and the region, promoting its rich opportunity and appealing lifestyle.
There are many ways you can become involved.

It could be as a major partner or might be simply by sponsoring a banner, with your business name prominent for all to see; it could be by organising your own event under the Sunshine Festival umbrella, or it could be to secure exclusive naming rights to an event that fits the purpose and nature of your business.

The Sunshine Festival allows you to target your marketing to the demographic that best suits your business. There are events that attract children, events that attract adults, events that attract families, events that attract special interest groups – your investment can be direct and specific.

The Sunshine Festival is a great way to promote your business.

By participating in the Festival you can:

     Build brand profile and demonstrate corporate values

     Enhance corporate identity and reputation


     Contribute to the well being of the community and region in which your organisation operates

     Create profit by creative promotional activity

     Engage your employees in the promotion of your business

     Create and nurture relationships with key stakeholders

The 2023 Sunshine Festival promises to attract people – wherever and whenever people gather there is a business opportunity… we want you on board! Through the promotion of the event via advertising, publicity and promotional material your organisation will enjoy enhancement of your profile and image and the ability to celebrate with the community in a way that is a unique and important part of living in this region.

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