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Sponsorship Opportunities


All community events have overheads and running costs and the Sunshine Festival is no different. 

There are many sponsors, particularly local small business owners who live in, and benefit from, our vibrant community.

People in business know that their success depends on operating in a thriving and happy community. In 1958, the business people of the day, developed the Sunshine Festival as a way of promoting their business by celebrating Geraldton with the community and by doing so, attracting visitors from afar…

Once more, discerning businesses and organizations recognized the potential presented by the Sunshine Festival, leading to a revitalized and dynamic Sunshine Festival program that brought significant advantages to the entire community. These individuals and entities also expanded their businesses by associating their brand with various festival events and by being featured in the printed program, which was distributed across the Midwest region.

In the present day, leveraging radio, websites, and a range of diverse channels, the festival has the capability to expand your business's reach to a broader community. As an integral part of the Sunshine Festival, we are fully committed to providing our support in accomplishing this objective, primarily through festival promotion efforts.

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